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Tharsis Souza is Vice President of Product Development at Yewno, a Silicon Valley-based start-up that leverages a proprietary Knowledge Graph to offer a variety of AI-augmented products and solutions including index strategies, alternative data feeds and an AI platform for financial services professionals.

Tharsis is a product leader with 10 years of experience in technology, quantitative finance, and data science. Tharsis built teams and delivered new products across companies in Latin America, Europe, and the US. Prior to Yewno, Tharsis worked with Product Development and Quantitative Finance in the banking and stock exchange industries, consulted for Hedge Funds and developed research at the Financial Computing & Analytics research group at University College London (UK). Tharsis is an author of scientific publications in financial computing and analytics and an ad hoc reviewer of scientific journals such as Science Advances (AAAS) and The Journal of Network Theory in Finance. Tharsis also speaks in various academic and industry conferences on Computer Science, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence. In his spare time, Tharsis is writing the Open Quant Live Book.

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